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Failing the gauge near the bullet end is usually too much crimp causing the case to buckle while the bullet is still being seated.
I have said it is impossible to bump or move the shoulder back with a die that has case body support. The seating die dies not have case body support; what does that mean?

I built a 1911, it loves anything new, from the factory and over the counter, it does not like my reloads. I am not sensitive even when friends tell me I do not know how to load for 'THE' 45 ACP 1911. A very disciplined reloader and builder of magnificent rifles suggested I had to try his 45ACP reloads so I agreed. I no sooner got started when I had failure to chamber rounds; some chambered and fired while others did not. I did not have trouble dealing with the complication but he did. He offered every shooter at the rang his 45 ACP loads, the shooters loved his ammo because it flew through their 1911s and it was free.

I do not live that far from the range so I left the range, went home and sized his 45 ACP reloads and then returned. I filled three magazines and fired all of his resized ammo, his sized ammo flew through my 1911 build. He did say something nice about the accuracy,

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