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I have seen such things rarely over the last 50 years, but enough to know they do happen now and then, and this year it finally happened to me too.

In October I killed one of the largest White Tail Bucks I ever shot. Perfect hit with a 9.3X57 Mauser firing a 250 grain Accu-Bond at 2450 FPS, and the hit was from only about 60 yards away. The placement could not have been better if I had been able to touch the deer with the muzzle. One of those hits that should have just dropped it in it's tracks.

But the deer didn't get the memo.

It ran over 200 yards with a hole on the off side I could put a goose egg in. Lung chunks were on the ground behind where it was standing and the blood was easy to see, but the blood trail got very sparse after about 100 yards and the light was fading. I lost the blood in the dark and and then found my flash light had a broken bulb. I had to come back the next day and follow up the deer, which I found about 100 yards farther into the brush. The way it ran I was starting to believe the Accu-Bond didn't open up, but when I did find that buck I saw the bullet worked to perfection.

It happens now and then. I know it. I had seen it a handful of times in my life with various game animals, but this was the 1st time it happened to me.

Everything was 100% perfect for the shot, and the performance of the bullet looked as good as you could ask for judging from the wound.

Everything was perfect...........except for the fact that the deer acted like I used an arrow instead of a bullet.

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