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This was definitely no fault of the bullet. It did its job. They usually go down like lightning strikes when hit by it. In this case, it did its damage.
If the bullet does not do significant CNS damage, either directly (direct impact damage) or indirectly (hydraulic and/or hydrostatic shock), expect the animal to run, or at least to remain upright.

Sounds like this time you failed to attain the CNS damage needed to drop the animal in place and so it took off. It really has nothing to do with determination of the animal.

I had a doe turn 180 degrees, and run 20 yards, out of my eyesight with a heart shot.
Still amazed she moved at all as heart was mush, and both lungs destroyed.
Again, no damage to the CNS and so the animal will remain active or conscious, at least until oxygen and adrenaline run out.
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