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When I started loading on my MEC 9000 progressive (stepped up from a Lee hand loader),
it came with a basic piece of advice that transferred over nicely to my 550b.

Paraphrased, it said; 'If you start with a wad in your left hand and an empty hull in your right before you touch the handle,
and have empty hands after having cycled the handle, you have correctly loaded a round.'

I took the same principle over to my 550b. If I start with a bullet in my left hand and an empty in my right, I need to have empty hands after having operating the handle.

Any deviation is checked out as to where I am in the sequence before operating the handle again.
This method does not yield the 600/hour Dillon claim, but it works for me.

There is enough of an inherent danger in both shooting and re-loading firearms to begin with, even for the conscientious shooter/re-loader.
If this guy was my friend, I would attempt an intervention until I felt I had helped him to learn a proper routine.

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