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First piece of advice. Tell him he's not suited to reloading. He needs to get rid of his equipment and go back to factory ammo before he really hurts himself or someone else. If he got into reloading for savings, ask him how he's going to save money by blowing up and damaging guns and potentially having to pay to deal with injuries to himself or others. If he got into it for the fun of reloading, tell him to stop shooting the ammo and just have fun reloading.

Second piece of advice. If he's going to shoot his reloads with others present, he needs to put up a big sign that has pictures of his blown/damaged guns, and a big notice saying: "Careless Novice Reloader. Keep Clear!"

Advice for the Taurus. Replace the barrel.

If he's going to keep reloading, saw the old barrel in half lengthwise. Hang one half over the reloading bench. Take the other one to the range and set it on the shooting bench where it's visible to him and others during the entire shooting session.
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