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"Disturbing"? "Over the top"?? I find compassion and empathy for a German soldier during WW2 disturbing. I have a series of WW2 books, and the pictures of the holocaust and what the Germans did are unspeakable. Men like Askins are the reason a swastika isn't flying over our capital today. I knew a WW2 vet who fought in the battle of the bulge. He told me what it was like. Those Germans didn't have any compassion or empathy for Allied troops before or after being captured. It was kill or be killed. It wasn't a game of capture the flag. Different world back then, brutal. Easy to sit in our recliners and pass moral judgement since we were not there watching our friends get killed and living during that era. Mud and blood, 24/7. Controling large groups of POW's ... the rules of the game are Quite different than TV's Hogans Heros or what you were taught at your local CCW self defense class.

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