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In fact, we started shooting about 10. By 2, I was considering bailing out. I mentioned to an instructor that I'd done just about all of the lying on the ground that I really wanted to do. He encouraged me to stay, and said that we'd be moving to sitting or standing shooting positions. Unfortunately, that meant transitioning from prone to sitting, and then shooting. He didn't tell me that part. By that point, I'd already had my fill of laying on the ground and scalding my elbows.

I shot one or two more exercises, but by 3, I'd laid in the gravel pit all I wanted to for a 90* day. I bailed and did not return for Day 2.
I feel your pain Spats, definitely a physical challenge for us older and somewhat out of shape guys for having to move from position to position. Maybe they should adapt the concept like the various competition shooting disciplines do and make prone the last shooting position so us old farts don't have to get up on the clock.

/or poor physical condition on my part. (I'm almost 50 and overweight.)
try it at 65 and having multiple abdominal and chest surgeries. All I'll add to that is HOLY CRAP moving is tuff
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