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The most important question here is 'what is a shockwave? How can you have one form'? It's going to require that moving bullet to transfer energy to the nearby object somehow.

So,here is the point. that thing is a VLD bullet that slips right through the air and sheds an impossibly small amount of energy into the air at any given part of its travel.

If it strikes a steel plate or even water, all of that energy is dumped into a solid substance very rapidly and of course there is a shock. Spread that out over a mile long path through the air, and what do you get?


there's your shockwave. an F16 can rattle windows, right? an eight ton plane moving at mach two surely ought to knock an occasional pigeon out of the air, right? Do you ever see it happen? come on, traffic copters should have been falling out of the air all throughout the years as those things went supersonic over urban areas.

I am surprised at the plastic cups, but that proves everything that I'm trying to say here. There was so little energy transferred through that little membrane of plastic that it didn't even move it, could that same round possibly slip past a deer's head and suck the brains out of that skull?

I just honestly can't believe that I saw that. That's the sort of thing that I heard when I was in grade school.

It follows the form of "it's so impossible and so outrageous that I have to tell people that it's true so they will understand my power over reality."

You tell the guys on the bus that your dad shot a deer with his .44 magnum and there was a hole left that was big enough to throw a basketball through, and listen to them "ooh" and "ahh".

Weatherby said that using his high velocity rounds would kill an animal instantly because the high velocity impact caused a neurological shock, similar to lightning, that destroys the brain when the critter is struck.

Elmer keith said that once while in africa, he shot a buffalo, and when he retrieved it, there was a dead tick bird by it, and a bird had been on the buff's back when he fired. He published the picture, joking that the .577 nitro was so dangerous that it could kill the birds on a critter's back. I think that he was joking.

I wonder if that guy ever realized that he had said something so damned stupid? probably not, or he would have pulled the video by now.
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