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Please Identify this Rear Sight

Because I cannot. I purchased this from a vendor at a Gunshow, neither he nor I knew what it was, but I thought it might be a P14 rear sight. I recall reading that the rear sight for the British version of the M1917 had click adjustable elevation. Alas, this sight will not fit a M1917 as the base is the wrong width.

An original Winchester M1917 rear sight is in the picture for a comparison. The unknown sight has a click adjustable aperture. As you can see, for the unknown sight, one side of the ladder is marked in yards and the other side of the ladder is marked in mils. The elevation slide is marked from 1OO yards to 2600 yards, and 0 to 60+ mils.

Given that it does not fit any of my bolt guns, or any of my semi autos, I suspect this could be a machine gun sight.

Anyone know what this fits?
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