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I'm just starting on a similar path. My basic leanings are toward accuracy plus a)don't get DQ'ed and b)don't get any procedurals. I recognize that until I've done IDPA a number of town things won't slow down enough to permit me to pay more attention to some of the details. I'll just have to suppress the urge to speed up my shooting even though in the short term I might score slightly better.

Until I start reloading my wife and I will probably do the steel challenge with our M&P 22's, but there is still a bit of cross over even with the rimfire handgun. We're also going to give falling plates a try with our 9 and 40 and see how that goes. At speed an 8" plate will look a bit small at 25 yards (at speed), but it will definitely require trigger control.

I've also found a relatively local club that shoots IDPA with between 7 and 9 stages which should greatly increase the amount of experience I can gain; the more local club only has room to set up 5 stages.
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