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The scoring system used in IDPA favors accuracy, so I'd go for more of a one-shot-one kill approach.
You have to adjust for shots on moving targets, partial targets, distant targets, etc., but when you are shooting at full targets out to ten yards, get all the points, and try do so with minimum number of rounds.
I see people shooting twice, stopping to visually evaluate the target, fire one or two more rounds, etc., and you definitely do not want to do that.
It's not only too slow, when you are talking a half-second between a perfect shot and a good shot (-0 vs. -1), but firing extra rounds usually means doing extra reloads, and picking-up a few -1s, and so forcing a five-second reload, is not good strategy.
Try to have no more than 10% of your score in the form of penalties - points down, procedurals, misses, etc.
As a new shooter, that might mean dropping three or five points per stage, maybe a cover call and miss per match, etc., but as you become a better shooter, you will have to reduce the points down, and the penalties, to maintain that 10% as you become more efficient in all aspects of the game. You'll find ways to use dropped points to your advantage, so you're not just throwing them away.
Shameless plug: Check the links to the Powerfactor Show, here in the competition forum. We did a couple of episodes on Vickers scoring, and it should give you insights into how to use the scoring system to your advantage.
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