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Originally Posted by rdtompki
my thinking is that I shouldn't fire any faster than I can properly manage the trigger. I go into the matches telling myself "trigger control", but in the heat of the moment I loose focus being new to the sport. Any suggestions on an approach? Should I rapid fire and the trigger manipulation will just come with time?
To rapid fire without regard to trigger control and/or sight picture is to shoot out of control, aka a hosefest. It's a very bad way to shoot a match and, unfortunately, "control" will never "just come", as it's a very easy habit to adopt, but a very hard one to break.

Your original thinking was spot on. Always shoot within your control. A good rule of thumb is that the time added from points down shouldn't be much more than 10% of your raw time. Much beyond that, you're out of control. Get to this point, and it's a very slippery slope, so your final score very likely suffered as a result, even if it felt otherwise.

Staying within your control can be a very difficult thing to do at first, but as your results improve, the positive feedback will greatly help reinforce your controlled shooting.

Originally Posted by rdtompki
I'm seriously thinking about doing double taps on at least one string of each stage as a means of practicing for IDPA.
Normally I'd say it's a bad idea. A 2nd shot should only be taken when you actually know you need a 2nd shot. Planning ahead of time to take a makeup shot trains yourself to unnecessarily waste time and ammo and gives yourself permission to be visually sloppy. And because you've decided ahead of time to rip off 2 quickies, your 1st shot will likely be bad as well because you thought you couldn't miss with 2 shots. The truth is, 2 uncontrolled shots is far worse than a single controlled shot.

In your case, though, I understand this may be one of the few opportunities to practice double taps outside of matches. In this case, I strongly recommend making a commitment to yourself ahead of time that both rounds will hit steel and that you'll 1) only go as fast as you need to to get 2 hits and 2) you actually see both hits in real-time.

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