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As I see it...

The Hughes Amendment was not properly passed, it did, in fact, fail (and now we have some proof), and should not have been attached to the FOPA.

But it was, and the FOPA was signed into law, Hughes amendment included, so we are stuck with it as law, until either a court declares it unconstitutional (unlikely), or Congress rewrites the law, and gets it passed (only slightly less unlikely).

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I think the way to do it is the same way the sneaky rats did it to us. Without fanfare, hoopla, or public debate and discussion (which we are virtually certain to have turned against us).

Just have some lawmaker insert a line or two in some "must pass" bill, stating something like "change public law line 122334 to read..." and re open the registry for full autos. No other changes, keep the same stupid restrictions and requirements of the 1934 NFA act, just let us follow the law the way it used to be!

We should also use the same tactic to refund the board that reviews felons individual cases for restoration of gun rights. I'm not calling for all felons to have their gun rights restored, only for those individuals who are not dangerous, and became felons (due to the system) for some non violent act. Indivdual case review should be provided for these people. It still is, in law, but in reality, since there is no money allotted for it, it doesn't happen.
(if I'm wrong on this, please correct me, guys)

With the new crop of legislators coming in, and the focus on individual rights being one of the things that put them into office, we might have a chance, if we do it the (distasteful) way it was done to us. Sauce for the goose!
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