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Originally Posted by Mississippi
...this law is totally unenforceable. I have literally 40 or 50 steel mags that hold more than 15 rounds, and there are no indications or marks saying when they were made. Some folks I know who live there have similar caches of mags. You could easily acquire pistol or rifle mags with no way to verify their age.
Yup. I've written on this topic at length, and to paraphrase what I've written before, the prosecution would have to prove one of the following things to find someone in violation of the law:
  1. The person obtained the large-capacity magazine(s) after July 1st, 2013. In most cases, it's not possible to prove this without solid eyewitness testimony or irrefutable documentary evidence.
  2. No firearm in existence prior to July 1st, 2013 could accept the magazine(s).
  3. The particular magazine, or type of magazine, did not exist prior to July 1st, 2013.
  4. The person was not yet born on July 1st, 2013, or at least would have been so young that his or her possession of firearm magazines would be highly unlikely.
IMHO #4 is the real stinger. This is the reason myself and other commentators have characterized this law as more of a generational phase-out than a true ban.
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