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The main question of that thread was...

Specifically, about the "far more moving parts" so I'm asking how you folks would count them.
The OP of that thread quoted something he knew would be controversial (but gave a caveat warning about this) but asked a technical question. How would you count moving parts in a semi auto versus a revolver? That could actually be a technical discussion. And that was the original topic of discusion.
The purpose of using the quote was to call into question the idea that more moving parts = more failure. And how difficult it can be to define moving parts. If the whole slide moves does anything inside it count as a part? How about the contribution of ammo, or metallurgy at the time each type of pistol was introduced?

I don't think it was about pushing 1 type of pistol over another. The pages of discussion was all over the place but there were some good points to be found.

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