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I believe that .36 rifles have a smaller bore diameter than the chambers of .36 revolvers.
AFAIK that means that a .36 rifle sabot would fit very loosely in a revolver chamber because they're made to load .375 to .380 diameter projectiles.
It's possible that wadding could be crammed over the sabot to hold it in place inside the chamber like folks do for loading chambers of lead shot for snake loads. Sure that method could probably work as long as the combination of sabot & bullet/ball combo. is short enough to fit into the chamber without sticking out of the front. Folks could even trim the sabot to make it shorter to get it to fit or to be able to fit more powder into the chamber.
Or the person could have loaded only one .36 chamber at time and fired it off as a single shot.
Or the person could have wrapped teflon tape, paper patching or an ultra thin patch around the plastic sabot to get it to fit more tightly into the chamber.
It's known that some competitive shooters load and fire patched round balls from revolvers during NMLRA competition and that they can be very accurate.
However, even though it may be possible to load .36 rifle sabots into a revolver chamber doesn't mean that it's a normal recommended practice and that it's okay to simply load them and fire them off without using special loading methods and taking extra special safety precautions.

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