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First, verify that the rifle is unloaded by checking the chamber & breech.

Next remove the barrel/action from the stock by unscrewing the slotted screw on the bottom of the stock.

On the bottom of the action there is a threaded rod with a nut on it. Using the proper size wrench loosen this nut and unscrew the threaded rod until the tube magazine drops down enough to disengage from the bottom of the rifles bolt. pull the bolt to the rear (it will go back further than normal at this point) and then pull the trigger and keep it to the rear while withdrawing the bolt from the rifle.

I would flush out the firing pin channel with a good cleaner amd air pressure.

Reassembly is the reverse of the above, taking care not to screw the threaded rod in too far or it will keep the tube magazine from moving back and forth as it should.
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