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Reasonable Prices SMG

There are very few investments in this world that will not depreciate in value.

The SMG is one of the best!

You have uncut diamonds and precious stones that are also among this category, but are not NEARLY the fun!..

As stated above, the only way a non-dealer/manufacturer is going ot get their hands on an SMG is if it was made & registered prior to May/86. This means that what is out there is ALL that will EVER be available.

This is why your popular 'movie' guns like the MP5, M16, Tommy Gun, and so forth will cost you an arm and a leg. BUT DO NOT FEAR!! YOU HAVE OPTIONS!!

One of the most respected and cheap SMG's out there is the MAC 10 or 11. You can get the MAC 10 and fire .45ACP, 9mm, & .22 from it, the MAC series has the absolute most accessories available for it than ANY other SMG (except the M16), and its one of the VERY FEW that you can still find *NEW IN THE BOX*. The ONLY drawback is the cyclic rate (rate of fire) of the MAC… but all is not lost there either. There are slow fire kits available in all calibers…. The MAC is the perfect SMG. Expect to pay about $3 to $3,500.00 for one.

I personally own the MAC 10. I have it setup in all calibers, and enjoy the CRAP out of it.

The great thing about SMG's is you can shoot the ever living crap out of them, and they will still increase in value!!! Get your SMG, shoot the piss out of it, and sell it a couple of years down the line for a good profit!!!

There really is NO excuse for not purchasing an SMG!! :-)
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