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I no longer carry my 357 mag for defense. It has been regulated to a hunting carry and used for dispatching the odd varmint around the property.

For self defense I duplicate the load carried by my local LEOs. See the threads in the legal portion of the forum for a complete discussion of this position.

My hunting load is a 146 grain speer JHP propelled by __ grains of WW296 with a heavy roll crimp. The load was developed by a La Highway Patrol Sgt and served him well in 4 fatal encounters in line of duty. The round has taken some 20 white tail. ( I do not hunt but they were used by friends who do)

Note: The actual weight of the propellant exceeds the limits in most current reload manuals. If you would like it send me a private message.

For practice I developed a 38spl 148 grain wc load which has the same impact at 25yds as does the 146 grain load.

Have shot the load for over 35 years and have complete faith that I will hit the target and put the varmint down.

My last statement is probably the critical reason I have stuck with the round.

One should chose a round which works for you.
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