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Can't believe we only got one reply on this post, so I'm going to bring it back.

I think the accepted technique for shooting multiple targets, and what works best for me is to focus on the target, while bringing the sight picture into your line of sight. At that point, your focus shifts to the front sight, or with a dot, onto the dot, as the target blurs and one presses the shot away.

The logic is that your hands (holding the gun) go most efficiently to the point your eyes send them. My experience is that if you try and bring the gun and sight picture up to the target, or from target to target, you will almost always drastically overrun and have to heavily refine the sight picture before making the shot. That all takes more time, and if one is prepping the trigger in the latter stages of the presentation, misses as well.

Remember though that once your sight picture appears in your field of view, your focus goes to the front sight, or the dot.
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