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Yes, I understand about Mythbusters. I think their test was just as flawed too.

If we look at the calculator, it shows a theoretical speed of 800 FPS in air (NASA does not describe the mass nor size used, just that it was small, for the calc), and I'm guessing it might at least be half that, and that is a guess, as we don't know what the air pressure nor wind was like that day. The value in vacuum they gave was 2700 FPS, the same as it left the muzzle, and a great height, but they don't quote the actual.

Like the penny falling, it would be according to how it fell. Was it flat, tumbling, or was it slicing down vertically, with the least resistance? I know I wouldn't want to be hit by one, even if it didn't kill me, I'm sure it would do damage.

Also, I don't think I read what the supposed round was supposed to be that hit the child, if it was a 9mm handgun, or something else. It was a handgun bullet that killed my cousins husband, they determined. I think they were probably within 200 feet of the ones firing in the air, sitting on the patio, and she was lucky it wasn't her. Anyhow, I would think it would have been traveling at less speed than a 30-06. I don't know the amount of damage it did, just that he was struck on the top of the head. This kind of stuff kind of makes the military test or Hatcher's moot, especially Mythbusters.

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