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The 150fps figure was from Mythbuster testing and needs to be heavily caveated. Mythbusters assumed that the bullet would ALWAYS tumble since they were unable to recover any rifle bullets in their vertical firing tests and the pistol bullets they recovered showed evidence of tumbling. So they did their "injury simulation" testing based exclusively on the 150fps figure which they determined to be the terminal velocity of a tumbling bullet.

Hatcher's testing proved that falling bullets don't always tumble. His tests results are very valuable since Mythbuster's testing created an apparent paradox by proving that a a tumbling bullet has a very low potential to cause serious injury or death and thus contradicting real-world experience.

Understanding the difference between the three scenarios I explained in my earlier post helps make sense of the apparent paradox created by Mythbuster's assumptions and incomplete testing when compared to documented fatalities from falling bullets.
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