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Ruger Predator

I am constantly amazed at the Ruger American Predator in 6.5CM that Bamaboy has recently acquired. With Hornady 140 (?) gr ELD match ammo, it shoots consistently good groups and will ring steel out to 800 with ease. He added a MagPul stock, but the factory green poly stock is conventional and would serve well if used as a hunter.

Scoping the rifle would be the next issue, but with its factory rail and low initial cost, one could somewhat affordably run two different optics with QD rings, one for the range (parallax adjustable w/ external turrets and a bit more X power) and another down the sporter line like 4-12x.

The American family has had some magazine issues and I think Ruger has redesigned the factory mag and new rifles ship with a magazine with a more conventional follower (I think, not sure). My new 18.5" Predator in .308 has a standard follower in its mag, and the older Ruger American mags with the flappy innards will lock and function as well. Ruger will also sell you an affordable adapter that will allow the use of the 10 rd ACIS magazine.
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