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was at a LGS today to look at a NIB Wrangler .. they had 2 guns on display, handled both with the thought of using these for a new category, during this ammo shortage, at our club shooting CAS .. have been shooting CAS for 13 yrs, shoot either my pair of 510 stainless Rugers or my SASS Rugers .. much prefer the 510's .. both these Wranglers had hammer springs that felt over 20#, i doubt a kid could cock the hammer with one hand, while you could turn the cylinders in either direction, you could NOT get even a half cyld spin out of them ... i also have a set of the old 3 screw single sixs and a set of the Vaquero single sixs and none of them have a heavy hammer spring ... is this normal for a Wrangler to have such a heavy hammer spring?? do these Wranglers have the same type hammer spring, ie, coil spring that can be lightened??
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