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I let mine expire years ago as I’m law enforcement and can carry with my badge if I have qualified with the gun. These days, I like to change my carry rotation and duty ammo (must qualify with what you carry or a ballistic equivalent) is quite expensive to use to qualify... so I’m trying to get my ccw. I set up an appointment back in February I believe... for June! I must appear in person, and I may wait 90 additional days after my appointment to actually get my permit.

When I first got it, I just walked in and filled out the paperwork, brought in fingerprint cards a few days later, and got my permit in about 6 weeks. The 90 days wait is a statutory thing, it can’t take longer than 90 days. Many sheriffs are in the habit of waiting, even if they aren’t backed up.

To be honest, this isn’t even so much a Covid thing as it is a perfect storm of everyone wanting a gun and to have a carry license. 10 years ago it was very rare that I got a DCI message on a traffic stop that someone had a carry permit. Now almost half of the people I encounter (that aren’t straight criminals) have a carry permit. I’m all for it too! Too bad very few people actually carry... but I love it when someone I encounter tells me they’re carrying. They get a kudos, and sometimes are surprised that a cop is happy that they’re carrying a gun around.
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