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Taurus 94

If double action, and especially rapid fire double action is your issue, I understand.
There is truly no fix for that. It's a flaw that all older small frame double action rimfire revolvers share. Ruger may have resolved the heavy double action trigger issue with their LCR, I have not shot one.
The small frame size and the healthy whack required for consistent rimfire ignition conspire to create a heavy double action trigger. Do not try to replace or reduce springs, inconsistent ignition WILL result.

I slicked mine up a bit using valve grinding compound. Liberally applied to the sliding parts in the trigger group. I also polished a few parts, polished not cut or change any angles or engagement surfaces. That fluff and buff did improve it, I dry fired a couple hundred times using plastic wall anchors as snap caps, just because.
I then flushed out the gun really well with brake cleaner and lubed with CLP. Get every speck of that valve grinding compound out of the gun!

I'd say that improved the double action about 20%. I shoot it often, it's an accurate revolver. I'll eventually put larger more hand filling wood grips on it. I mostly shoot single action. I think the bigger grips will help too.
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