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Same experience. What I used to do when I wanted to be able to keep some loaded rounds in a pouch or somewhere else the stickiness might rub off and stay, then when the recently dipped bullets are just getting tacky, I put them in a margarine tub (well, actually a tofu tub these days) and shake some motor mica in with them and roll them around a bit. It makes them less tacky.

What I do now is a little different. You can actually shoot unlubed bullets at moderate velocities. That and my experience getting exceptional accuracy from the Lee Tumble Lube designs inspired me to consider that a lot of lube grooves are the size they are in order to sell more lube, but not because the guns really need them. Especially not at target pressures of 11,000 psi and lower. So what I started doing is grasping the bullets by the nose and dipping only the portion that will be below the case mouth. Seating still squeezes a little up to the mouth and around the crimp, but there isn't nearly so much build-up in the seating die and if I wipe off the finished rounds with a rag, they are fine for handling.

The next frontier after that is coated bullets. I've only tinkered with them a little. I just acquired some copper-colored powder coat from Eastwood for the heck of the confusion.
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