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Originally Posted by 308Loader View Post
Finally got around to buying a 1911, Rock Island M1911-A2-FS, nothing fancy. So now begins the reloading of 45 ACP. I have experience loading for 9mm and 32 ACP so not new to pistol loading, just new to the 45. Anything special about loading this one? Advise, things to look for, special considerations? Basic questions are:

Good powder to use for this case?
Bullet considerations? Not likely to EDC this one, but…
Small primer VS large?

Bought some range brass and have it all cleaned up. Die set from amazon wont be here for a while. Running out of small pistol primers, have no large pistol. Powders on hand are HS6 and tight group. Thinking of buying some plated bullets for plinking if I can find them.

Reloading considerations, OK, let's see:

4.8 grains Bullseye, behind a 200-230 grain whatever bullet is what I settled on by experimentation. I've used 231. I've messed a bit with Trail Boss. Do not know about your powders, sorry.

(I've loaded with Pyrodex too. Smoke and sparks and fire, it's a hoot. Not for serious shooting, just for fun. And after a while the gun gets to gunked up to run well.)

Mind the bullet seating depth. Too low, and you might have case feeding problems. Too high, and the bullet bites the rifling before the cartridge is properly seated.

Not enough crimp can also cause problems going into battery. "Plunk test" would be the diagnostic for that.

And pay attention to primers. Some .45 ACP cases use small primers, most large. Loads are the same, function is the same.
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