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This one sounds like some kind of sexual practise, but actually boning is a fantastic way of getting a smooth lustre to the wood.

After you have rubbed down with smooth grades of abrasive paper and then fine wire wool, get yourself a softwood rod [wooden spoons from the kitchen work too] and wet the wood - which lifts the grain. Vigorously rub the wood with your wooden stick and the grain will smooth out, taking on a smooth lustre. Keep doing it until you've wetted and rubbed down the whole stock, the see what it looks like. A few wets and rubs will get you a 'satin' finish.

I like to then apply linseed oil by hand; the warmth from your hand opens the pores in the wood and gets the oil in better. You can bone it with the stick at the same time to get a good finish.

You end up with a beautiful satin effect that is attractive and utilitarian at the same time.

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