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Arrow's wood finish

Check out their web site and look up the Arrow's wood finish. I only use it these days simply because I can do a stock in less than a week and it is sealed, filled and as good of an oil finish on the market. Here's the link to it:

I have used BLO, BLO and Tung, BLO and dark raw Tung and Raw Tung and the list goes on and on. If you want the easiest to apply and the quickest way to finish a stock, give it a try.

I would use Zip Strip to remove the finish first and then wipe the stock clean with lacquer thinner. When this was dry I would light sand the wood with 220 grit paper and then raise the grain before applying the Arrow's finish. The whiskers will be used to fill the pores on the first coat when you lightly rub the stock dry using 300 grit paper. Then follow the directions that come with it to take it to the gloss you desire.
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