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Is there a reason why Boyd's is not a good choice or why you would avoid it? Not saying I am stuck on Boyd's, just don't know enough about the subject of building a rifle to know why certain stocks are preferred/not preferred/not a good choice or how it effects the rifle as a whole apart from the other parts/components.

You can tell me I am way over my head... no hard feelings if I am, perhaps I am. Lol.

What would be a better choice stock then or what would a "better" build be then? Is the Howa still a good choice? How well can a build be with $1200 not counting the scope (have money aside for scope).

As you can see I still have much to learn and just hoping to see if I can get pointed to the right direction.

Not looking to get a super rifle (don't know what other term to use) but hopefully you get the idea.

I looked up rifle builds online and came across many but this one showed a picture diagram.
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