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The beauty of buying a nice stock is much like a good can always take it with you on the next build ( just keeping that action which can be paired with very good barrels.) I also will chime in that I am 2 for 2 on the Boyds stocks and the added value they bring if you take the time and bed your barrel/action into them. I was wary but both provided me with inexpensive upgrades that instantly made a impact on the way the rifle shot. Then when I went back and did the DIY bedding with the I will be buying a Chassis MDT for my Savage 12FV as a comparison to the Thumbhole Varmit style stock from Boyds. Mainly for the periods of time when my hands/wrists are flaring up ( Rheumatoid Arthritis) and I need a pistol grip style to keep shooting And also cause I will no doubt pick up another 12 FV in the future in either 223 or 6.5....and name it the Varminator
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