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Originally Posted by m&p45acp10+1
Taylor have you fired one of those cheap barreled actions yet?
I shoot the cheap rifles all the time, in fact I have a Howa .308 I just bought for $400 and dropped into a Howa Alpine stock that I paid $200 for used. I also shoot a lot of old Stevens 200 rifles, most have new barrels on them now but I still run use a .223 and .243 in factory plastic stocks and they shoot great. However, I still wouldn't buy a $600+ stock and drop a factory barreled action in it. I just think the factory chassis on the most of the other rifles suggested here are better than the At-One stock, and they are easily degradable for less money than buying a new $600+ chassis.

I have three factory barreled actions in McMillan stocks that most would cost $500-700 to buy, but I picked them all up used and don't have more than $400 for the most expensive and less than $200 on the cheapest. The problem is they all but one shot great before dropping them in McMillan stocks, the only reason the other didn't was because it came to me without a stock. The other was a M670 Winchester that I sent the factory stock off to have a recoil pad installed, the stock was lost and I never got it back. The last one was a M70 EW that I hated the B&C stock on and almost sold the whole rifle before I ran across the McMillan it sits in now, sold the B&C and it made my used Edge FW stock the cheapest of them all.
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