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Just got back from the range with my Savage 10 6.5 Creedmoor (the one you linked to above but left handed). It's a very adequate rifle and does its job but so far the accuracy hasn't been all that I expected it to be. Although I've had several 3 shot groups around 1/2" at 100 yards, most often 5 shot groups are about an inch or a little over. This is with Hornady American Gunner and Federal Gold Medal Match ammo. I would like to see it shoot consistently under an inch at this distance. I also find that the stock and the grip are not well suited to bench shooting (or most types of precision shooting really) and I'm considering if it's worth losing "production" class status at PRS matches to change them out to something that's a little better. The trigger is great for a factory rifle. The bolt is a little sticky but I'm noticing it's getting smoother as I shoot it.

That's my short take on that one. I'll probably put up a thread about it in a little bit.
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