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Willie Sutton
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Boy.. I can see why people have problems: They make up problems where none exist.

If you KNOW it's legal to mail something, MAIL IT.

If you KNOW it's legal to ships something UPS, SHIP IT.

If you are in compliance with UPS Policy... ship and don't sweat it.

If you are NOT in compliance with UPS policy, there is NOTHING that they can do to you... there are no "UPS Police"... What are they going to do? Pitch a fit?

When you ship BP stuff, keep your mouth shut and hand over the box. NOBODY needs to know what is in the box. They do not ask... don't tell! They don't X-ray the stuff... just send it. I received two BP replicas *yesterday*. One was sent UPS and one was sent USPS. No hassle to shipper or recipient.

Why cause yourself a problem when none exists? Try not talking...


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