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Good job.

Your post enlightens us as to how the UPS defines the word "Firearm". They choose (we assume universally and consistently) to define it as the government does.

My point was that (while I did not know which was true) they could either simply accept the government's definition, or choose to define "firearm" in a more restrictive way as we were told by the OP that one of their underinformed representatives did.

Your information also confirms which of the UPS people were in the wrong.

A representative who refuses to accept a BP replica for shipment on the strength of the argument that if is a "firearm" under federal law is misinformed and not acting in acordance with thpolicy established by UPS. As we all know and as several have testified, it may be of no assistance to point this out to the representative if that person is convinced they are right.

This is why I go to the post office and use a flat rate box. The post office wheeny nevers asks what the item is, they ask what is isn't. Since BP replicas are never among the things the skirt asks about, I ship with impunity.

Dozens of times and never more than 11.00 including a Walker.

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