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Not to be argumentative but....

UPS (as far as I know) is not bound by the federal definition of the word "firearm" nor are they required to abide by the policies of the USPS. I guess I am saying, they get to decide what is a fire arm and what is not.

Tatar, If you shipped a BP replica via UPS with their full knowledge that it was a BP replica, then we have two different UPS folks who have two different understandings of UPS policy.

Please understand, I am not disagreeing with the possibility that the UPS wheeny was an ignoramus. Perhaps he is and also perhaps he does not understand UPS policy.

As for the word "License" there are hundreds of corporations which issue licenses for this or that and I think it is completely believable that UPS would have licensing agreements with shippers including licenses which cover the shipment of firearms (Their definition).

It is for this reason that I don't argue with them, I just don't use them to ship anything, I say again, ANYTHING.

USPS flat rate boxes are IMNSHO the best way to ship black power replica revolvers.

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