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The ONLY reason we didn't punch and kick the purse snatcher was cause HE didn't punch or kick. He tried to just get away. If he had thrown a punch I'd have gone to elbows mixed with left and right crosses.

You see at the time this happened I was a 4th dan. Taekwondo and taught my own school. I'd been in Okinawan karate, Judo, and some Shotokan as well as lots of TangSoDoo. Later I got into Krav Maga to boot.

Nowdays I'm a 5th Dan and I play with Wing Chun, escrima, and Kali for fun but I've also competed in NRA leg matches, IPSC (class 'A'), IDPA (expert and above in all classifications), and IHMSA. I have a very nice set of trophies in my man cave. Plus been to quite a few schools ran by well know trainers.

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