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Originally Posted by Deaf Smith View Post
Strange, I have one burglar and one purse snatched to my credit. The burglar was stealing from my parent's house while I was in college. I used a Colt Cobra to hold him at bay. The purse snatcher was in the Virgen Islands when my wife and I were on our honeymoon. Two of us ran the guy down. The other guy bear hugged 'em while I applied a wrist lock. The purse snatcher kept screaming, "let go of my hand" (well I WAS a bit enthusiastic...) We didn't "go to the ground".

There was no "grappling". Even in the fights I was in while in high school there was no grappling. Does that mean it does not happen? No.

But go look at "YouTube" and search for "street fights", and you will see this 85 percent thing is hokie.


85%? Nah. 85% of fights going to the ground is not even remotely close. But you did just give a 50% stat lol. But that is because I consider bear hugs and wrist locks grappling.

My definition of grapple training is ANYTHING from defending against submissions, takedowns, sweeps, and basically anything that is the art of not allowing someone to put any kind of control hold or throw on you.
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