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Posted by adamBomb:
You are more likely to use grappling then EVER using your firearm unless you are LEO or in the military. Why? You have a much greater chance that uncle joe will get drunk and out of control at the summer BBQ. Being able to restrain someone without knocking them out is a very good skill to have. Its not that bad things dont happen but the chances of these kinds of things are usually greater than SHTF scenarios.
Unless you are LEO, it is most unlikely that you will ever by presented with a lawful reason to restrain anyone.

The are exceptions--a family member having a seizure, for example--but they are not at all common.

Once one has elected to engage in some kind of a fight to restrain someone, ones's chance of prevailing in a self defense claim, should things turn sour, will be very much impaired.

The chances of having to employ deadly force for self defense on any one day are extremely remote. The chances of having to do so at least once in a lifetime are much higher. The consequences of not being able to do so should the need arise can be extremely severe.
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