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I mean, a background check just to sell ammo or buy it online?
no no it's any ammo and you must be a lic ammo dealer to sell it . You can still by online , you just have to have it shipped to a ammo dealer in the state .

I don't believe the background check has been fully hashed out yet though . The interesting thing is , I understand there so-called logic on this . If you're a prohibited person and should not own a firearm . Why would you need ammo ? The more interesting thing is using that same logic CA says they need a full 10 days to run there background checks to buy a gun . It first was for a cooling off period but when that was recently shot down in court for anyone that already owns firearms ( No need for a cooling off period if you already own guns you can just use those instead ) . CA now say they need more time then the NICS system takes because they check more areas .

OK so here's the interesting part If they believe you're a prohibited person and a background check is needed to stop you from buying ammo . Then clearly the NICS system ( in there eyes ) in not good enough and the system they have in place takes many days to complete . What are they going to do ? Have a waiting period on ammo ? That's not going to fly . Hmm maybe you wait ten days the first time you buy then you're issued a permit to buy ammo for 1yr or maybe 6 months . Hmm well if that works for ammo why can't it work for gun purchases as well ?

CA is going to have to show how the system used in the rest of the United states ( NICS ) is not good enough to use to buy ammo . If they say it is good enough to buy ammo then why is it not good enough for firearm purchases ?

I think CA may have over stepped here and may very well regret ever enacting this law by the time it's done winding it's way through the court system .

Oh sorry OP , I'd buy some ammo online to hold you over through the reloading learning curve . The bummer thing for you is getting into firearm at the worst possible time in CA . I've been here my whole life ( 3rd gen San Diegan ) I got into firearms in the early 90's then took a 15yr break as life and child took up most of my time and effort . Then dove back in about ten years ago . Oh my how I missed a lot that was going on here in CA in regards to gun laws and sorry I was not paying better attention to that at the time .
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