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Originally Posted by MotorCycleDave View Post
I've only been getting into firearms for the later half of this year but I wanted to ask and hear about people's thoughts on the new changes in California for 2018. Should I invest in buying a lot of ammo now or look into reloading?
First, if you can get a good deal on ammo online, I'd do it now before 2018. Even though you can get it sent to an approved vendor, you may have to pay to have it transferred to you and you want the state to have as little record of you as possible. Second, I don't think California has gone after reloading stuff yet but that is likely in the near future. After you get as much ammo online as you can, you'll probably be broke, so incrementally start to build up your reloading supplies. Third, start scoping out places to move to as your state starts to resemble a jail
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