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I used to have a bunch of 7.62 NATO (.308) cases that I fired in an un-modified M1 rifle just to show a know-it-all that the gun would not blow up if that was done accidentally. The cases look a bit like rimless .45-70. The rifle functioned perfectly
I've seen a bunch of those. I was running a sniper school for the NG and Reg Army. The National Guard had M1C/Ds, the Army M21s.

The guard guys kept grabbing the 308 ammo and running them through the Garands. Like you said, the brass looked like an in-belted 458 Win.

I had to put another ammo guy on orders to issue the right ammo to the right student.

They functioned but accuracy suffered a bit.

I have two Garands. One I got from the DCM a long time ago. The second I built at the CMPs Advanced Maint. Clinic. I debated making it in 308 but decided to stick to the '06 because its a Garand. The army's M1s were '06, the Navy used 308 Garands, and I'm Army so I had to have Army M1s.

When I ran the AK NG Marksmanship Unit, the AK Air Guard had Match M1s in 308.

I agree if you just want plinking ammo, the 308 would be cheaper, but I shoot mine in CMP GSM matches and load match ammo so there wouldn't be any cost savings. Plus I can use the same ammo in my M1903A2, A4 and M1917 witch I also shoot in the CMP Games.

I still have my M1A and Mode 70 Tgt if I want to shoot 308s.
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