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Midway has Remington Core-Lokt, .243, 100 grain at $21.00/100 and you can get them for about $160/1000, which means they'll come in the door for just a little over 16 cents apiece. That's about as good a price as you'll find on short notice.

Occasionally, some of the retail stores buy blem bullets which are available at a substantial discount. I got in on a blem bullet buy on blem 243 100 grain bullets and they came in the door at under 12 cents per. I've still got a couple of hundred of them and they're great bullets. If you can find the blem with the naked eye, you've got better eyes than I do.

Nosler often sells blems and over-runs directly from their website and I see that they've got .243, 55 grain spitzers on sale for $103.00/1000. That's a great price on bullets and might be worth a look.
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