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ok, so what do I do?
First, please answer my question from above...."What is the denomination on that Form 4 tax stamp?"
I ask because that will affect my answer.

Do I take the form down to my local BATF office and say "hey can you look at this for me? Is this legit?"
Do that and you risk immediate confiscation of the firearm if it is configured in a manner different than how it is registered.

Should I disassemble the whole weapon down to the stripped receiver til I find out? or can I just take the collapsible stock off and replace it with a pistol brace til I can find out?
Remove the shoulder stock for sure.
As its not a pistol, replacing the stock with a pistol brace may not have the result you think it will.

Really stuck here, went through the whole process when I got this. Can't remember exactly how long I waited but wanna say it was a couple of months before I got to pick it up.
You aren't stuck, you just have a firearm that currently doesn't seem to meet the definition of AOW.

Also, just changed addresses within my state. Should I send the change of address before I go talk to them?
You can, I'm not sure what difference it will make.

I recommend that you not speak with any local ATF office, but with the NFA Branch directly.
The questions I would ask first:
"What the heck is an "A.O.W Pistol unit with collapsible stock" and why would ATF approve a Form 1 for the original maker with that description?"

The reason is "A.O.W Pistol unit with collapsible stock" does not meet any definition of an NFA firearm.

See your private messages.
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