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Firearms made and registered on a Form 1 rely on the maker to accurately describe what NFA firearm they are making. If you file a Form 1 as an AOW, but that firearm is in fact not an AOW as defined in federal law, you have a problem. If what you built is actually an SBR and you possess a a Form 1 for an AOW........thats a serious problem.

If that firearm is later transferred via a Form 4, ATF will approve the Form based on what the original Form 1 stated. Thats because ATF doesn't see the actual firearm, relying on the original maker to know what the heck they are doing.

If I were the OP there is no way in heck I would keep that firearm in its current configuration.
Good points.
My comment had more to do with the argument of "well, you approved it!" If it ever becomes an ATF issue. With a good lawyer, you might still lose the gun, but probably wouldn't get stuck with criminal liability, since the enforcement agency signed off on the thing they would be prosecuting.
...that said, the ATF is less predictable than a rabid coyote...
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