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Bigjon800 OK I have been thinking a 37 or 40mm launcher might be one of the few things I could see being worth the hassles of having nfa stuff.
For a nonlicensee, Destructive Devices are the ultimate NFA hassle.
A 37mm launcher isn't NFA unless used to launch anti personnel rounds. Then the launcher would be NFA as well as each anti personnel round.

Is can you really buy rounds outside of the chalk rounds or do you have to reload? The two rounds I am interest in is oc gas and buckshot rounds.
For a nonlicensee it may be pretty difficult to find a an FFL/SOT who will sell you anti personnel rounds. It requires an 09 or 10FFL which are scarce compared to 01 or 07's.

As an ordinary Joe you will need deep pockets whether you buy or reload.
Each round would be registered and require its own tax stamp as a DD. Before you reload with OC/buckshot/beehive/explosive you would have to file a get an approved Form 1......on each round.

On the other hand, 37mm launchers are merely "flare guns" as long as you stick to chalk.

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