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Originally Posted by JERRYS.
not much news about the NRA's legal troubles lately. did Biden's insertion into the White House take the spotlight (and heat) off the NRA?
I'm going to take a wild guess that the NY AG has lost much of her interest in pursuing the case. Remember, she has made a BIG DEAL out of publicizing that she was going to put the NRA out of business. A month or two back, a judge ruled that dissolution of the NRA was off the table. Since that was what Ms. James wanted, I'll speculate that once she was told she can't do that her interest level dropped several notches.

She won't get the kind of publicity she's looking for if her lawsuit results in removing LaPierre and giving the NRA back to the membership -- which is exactly what should happen, considering that the NY State law under which she is suing was designed expressly to protect members of non-profits from the machinations of unscrupulous leaders.
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