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I sell alot on ebay. As a buyer I often have gripes about new sellers. Slow shipping, sending wrong or incomplete items, etc. As a seller the most common issue is that the buyer did not read the description and/or look at the pictures. Many of these issues come from the mobile sit ("Phone App") which is a dumbed-down version of the desktop site. People who use the phone app are more likely to be problematic as buyers or sellers.

I sell gun parts and have few issues as a seller. I also sell electronics and I have huge issues with people not reading or looking at what they're buying. Buying the wrong model, assuming it comes with batteries and almost anything you can think of. It always comes down to ignorant or unscrupulous buyers.

Ebay rules as a buyer:

1. Avoid low feedback sellers or new accounts that don't post good pictures or have vague descriptions.
2. Always pay with a credit card AND use Paypal (2 layers of buyer protection)
3. Always contact the seller in the event of an issue
4. Utilize the very buyer friendly (at the expense of the seller) returns policy for any issues you cannot resolve with the seller.
5. Don't be a jerk

Ebay Rules as a Seller:

1. Upload lots of high-res pictures from many angles
2. Write a concise, clear description with as much info as necessary and no irrelevant info
3. Always use ebay shipping service for a discount and delivery confirmation
4. If there's an issue with a buyer (even if it's their fault) just accept a return. It's not worth it in the long run to fight buyers even if you're in the right.
5. Don't be a jerk
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