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You can buy ammunition that blows into dust! When it strikes steel. It also is good on human adversaries.
I personally, while teaching a class of 8, was hit by a returning 160g 38 Special reload, that hit a divot, caused by some silly person shooting steel with a 12 gauge slug! I saw it coming back, ducked to one side, it hit me in the back of my right hand. Split it wide open. Run it under cold water. Till it almost stopped bleeding. All my Students encouraging me to go to the hospital.

This is a huge No-No in Toronto Canada! Gunshot wound? I would have been there for at least ten hours. Still have the scar, I am sure I could invent a good story? Just forgot it.

Continued the class all 8 passed, you had to score 90% to pass. No more than two misses. This was a requl mandated by the OPP Ontario Provincial Police.
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